Who doesn’t love a great movie with a surprise ending that completely blows your mind? Classic twist-ending movies like The Usual Suspects, Sixth Sense, Fight Club – it can be a delicious revelation after an absorbing film.

What isn’t pleasant is when we’ve been talking to a prospective client about a job, making assumptions based on dealing with that client, and just before we record, they reveal that they’re not the client, that they are fronting for someone else, sometimes to the extent that we are told not to bill them but to bill a company that has so far not been involved at all.

The issues we might have would be things like:

  • Rates for the country where the real client is based are far higher
  • Regulations/taxes that apply in the real client’s country are different
  • Real client has a bad reputation and would have been rejected if they had approached us

To date, when we’ve found out, we immediately inform the voice and give them the option on whether to proceed or not. If they want to proceed, we give them the option to re-quote their rate.

A rate given under false pretenses is not a rate we have to honor.