Remember this viral video?

“Bitchy Resting Face” is now a universally understood term, and from my daily work casting spots, I can tell you that a “Bitchy Resting” quality is not limited to someone’s face.

Ever wondered why some voice actors, with a fantastic in-session attitude, don’t get more work? They might have Bitchy Resting Voice. Like Bitchy Resting Face, there’s nothing you can do about Bitchy Resting Voice, and it can happen with a male as well as a female voice.

Maybe my theory is bonkers, but if you’re a casting director wondering why some voices are rarely selected by a client, step back and listen again with Bitchy Resting Voice in mind.

Have a scroll through TMZ & you’ll see many women with Bitchy Resting Face are fabulously famous and wealthy; Bitchy Resting is not a death sentence at all. It just means that if there’s a voice casting audition for a perky, warm & friendly voice, consider giving it a pass.