To book a voice talent, please email us at enquiry@voiceovers.asia. Please provide the following information:

  • name of voice talent, or language & gender you need
  • if English, which accent – Asian / US / UK / AU / Other
  • duration & word count; total number of scripts
  • media usage – broadcast / corporate / online / in-store / outdoors, etc.
  • if broadcast or social media, the term (12 months, more?), countries & outlets; both broadcast and social media spots are geolocked; if you require non-geolocked for English, the price is going to be very high as it will be counted as worldwide
  • if you are using a free mail service (Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail, etc.,) indicate your company
  • auditions are chargeable, and we do not offer auditions recorded on phones
  • recording sessions with voice talents will be at SPLiCE Studios


Contact us via SMS, WhatsApp or wechat at +65 9875 0877; we’re typically in session during office hours so we frequently cannot answer voice calls.

Please also note that we do not give quotes over the phone.

For quotes, email us; we reply typically within the hour.


The studio is #07-07 Cendex Centre, 120 Lower Delta Road, Singapore 169208

to send us large files use our Hightail Uplink

If you are a professional working voice over talent and want to be listed, click here

FYI The audio samples of voice talent on this website are for reference purposes only and not intended to be rebroadcast/resampled/uploaded/stored for any purpose other than selecting a voice for a project. The samples supplied by the talents are received in good faith on the basis that the copyright owners have agreed to this usage. If you are the copyright owner of any of the samples and feel that proper permission was not sought prior to their use on this site, please contact us so that we can remove the sample from this website.