L9991633The internet is super intuitive, but there are still loads of shortcuts that can make life a lot easier. Think about Google Search – did you know there are dozens of qualifiers you can add to your search terms to get far better search results? 99.99% of internet users don’t and end up using the search engine very inefficiently.

So what about voiceovers.asia – what neat tricks did we incorporate to make life easier?

One of the best things we did when designing this site was to make shortlisting talents a lot easier when grabbing their sample audio. Look at any sample’s playback icon: it has the standard icons for play & pause, plus you can move the play point anywhere from the start to the end. You see this on all sites, but we went one step further.

Actually, we went two steps further:

  • If you want to download a sample, click ‘download’ and the sample saves to your computer. We include the name of the voice talent in the file, so you know which sample belongs to which voice talent.
  • If you want to send a sample (or list of samples) to a client for them to choose a voice, you can send a link in your email. Click “copy link” and then ctrl-v or command-v and the link will paste right into your message. When your client clicks the link, they will get playback of the sample. The reason this is important is that big corporations often have an IT guy who hates attachments on emails. If you send files attached to your message, it will bounce, but links are OK since they will configure their browser to ignore links to malicious sites.

For the voice talents, the featured English language voices have chosen to have their contact details on their page; this means they can record anywhere and they’re okay to invoice you directly. The rest do not reveal their contact information on their page, so you’ll have to go via us to book them. We’ll help check availability, scheduled a session via our studio, SPLiCE, and take care of the paperwork.

There you have it – the inside skinny on how to get the most out of this site!