“We’re a production company based in X and will be working on several commercials in the region and will be looking for a long working partnership, so please quote your best price.”

It can be any variation of this, but when a first-time client pitches this to us, it’s always followed by price haggling to a ridiculous extent. We’ve been in this business for over two decades, and the number of times this turns out to be a mutually beneficial relationship is a Big Fat Zero.

Any company that uses future work to get a great deal on a first gig is already discounting the value they place on you as a vendor – be it as a voice, studio, or anything else.

Don’t fall for it. It’s bullshit.

We quote our regular pricing for first-time clients – it’s a fair price for the talent and the studio, and works as a long-term rate, too. We also have C.O.D. payment terms for first timers – between insisting on payment upfront and not giving a discount based on a promise of future work, it really helps in filtering out bad clients from their very first contact.