smartphoneBefore the time where everyone has a smartphone and are contactable 24/7, getting in touch required physical mail or a traditional landline.

Now, everyone is available all the time, no matter where they are. Social (media) etiquette now means that messaging someone has no cut-off time.

When a request comes in from a client and they want to check on a voice’s availability, we don’t call, we message.

We love Whatsapp the most – we can see if our message has been delivered (means their phone is on) and then if our message has been read. Once we get the double blue ticks, we generally get a reply pretty quick.

FaceBook Messenger works well, too – a lot of voice actors do other media work and work their social media frequently, so they see our message quickly. We use FB Messenger for overseas talents, perfect for those not in our time zone.

The reason we don’t call them is because they may be on another job, and we don’t want to be the call that interrupts a session for a talent who forgot to mute their phone.

That’s the same reason we prefer clients to message us, too – it’s awkward taking a call when we’re mid-session with another client, but a short message typed while doing a playback to check the most recent take is OK.