Penny_ElvisThe old showbiz adage holds true to this day – never work with kids and animals. Why? Cos they’ll show you up. Kids are notoriously difficult to direct, from a voice perspective you’ll have to live with whatever junior decides to give you. Unlike an adult voice talent, they’re not going to respond in the same way to direction, so it can be very hit or miss. So we do not have any child voices on the site.

The other reason is they grow up very fast, and demand for child voices is not high, and by the time a request comes in, the voice the casting director chose could have grow older to the point that they don’t even sound the same.

It might be odd, but the simplest solution is often to get an adult voice who can do, as a character voice, a child – whatever you lose in genuine child-like tone you more than gain back through working with a talent you can direct!