We don’t arrange free, undirected demos of scripts recorded by a voice talent on a smartphone anymore. Why? Aside from noticing that none of these auditions convert to paid recordings, the voices are wary because they fear a phone recording of decent quality can be used by an unscrupulous client without payment.

Clients will say they want the undirected audition is to make sure the voice is the one they want on their script, but without direction, a voice is guessing what is needed. Simple logic dictates that it’s impossible to read a client’s mind on how they want their audition to be recorded.

But if there is no way around not submitting a demo for a job, how do we stop a client from using the demo recording for their final production?

Easy. Do whatever it takes to make the recording unusable. It can be as easy as recording the brand name incorrectly, or misreading the tagline.

If the client does come back and wants the audition re-recorded, then we go with the classic showbiz comeback that we can “fix it in the mix”; as in, the voice will read it 100% perfect in the paid session. Problem solved.