Baby Ghost by quiccs

Scenario 1

Client: I need a VO (gives me various parameters)

Me: Sure, we can help. It will cost S$ X

Client: (gives me new parameters)

Me: OK… in that case, it will cost S$ X

Client: (gives me new parameters again)

Me: (deletes email)

Scenario 2

Client: I need to book a studio, I will bring a VO Talent, what’s the cost?

Me: Cost is S$ X per hour. As long as they’re a pro with experience, no problem, cos pros will get the job done in the time booked.

Client: Oh. I changed my mind. What is the cost if you guys book the talent for me?

Me: (deletes email)

This follows our no-breakdowns policy. In both of these scenarios, the client is trying to game the system and reverse engineer our pricing structure.

Life’s too short to waste time with time wasters