81v3czzwxdlIn every negotiation, voice talents hate to ‘leave money on the table’. This is when a client asks for your rate, and in being conservative in your quote to get the gig, you come in significantly below budget, so much that you’ve just financed Friday night beers for your client.

Then there are jobs where you get told the rate and it’s mega-bucks compared to other similar scripts you’ve voiced, but you saying nothing, nail the session and bank the big dollars.

Which all begs the question – is it possible to always get all the money on offer from a client for a job? Unless you’re a mind-reader, no.

Let me answer by adapting one of my favorite business quotes from legendary CAA agent, Rick Nicita:

VO Talents “are never going to be properly paid. If this one is too little, you’ll get too much another time. But if you do great, the money will find you.”

(Powerhouse CAA via Amazon)