Most of our sessions use a voice talent that we’ve organized, but once in a blue moon, the client provides the voice talent. For these sessions, we only have one stipulation – the voice must be listed on this website. Why? is the top voice casting site for Asian voice-over talent via major search engines and the no.1 site in Singapore for producers and agencies looking for voices. Any professional voice in Singapore can get a listing. If you’re a pro voice in Singapore and want to get a listing, drop us a line. It’s unusual for a Singapore-based voice to not be listed on this site.

For the voices in Singapore who are not on this site, it’s generally for one of two reasons

  1. The voice doesn’t prioritize voice work – this would be celeb actors or DJs who have so much going on that getting voice sessions is not a high priority. The big dollars for celebs come from endorsement opportunities and appearance fees, so voice work becomes less important for them. While we’d love to have a complete listing of all voices in Singapore, we’re happy to tip our hat to those who have the luxury of not needing voice work. The upshot is more work for everyone else!
  2. The voice is, in our opinion, difficult to work with or engage in unethical business practices. It’s not only the seen-it-all, done-it-all voices who cannot hide their contempt for newbie clients, but we’ve also come across fresh talents who start their voice career with a major chip on their shoulder. If you have a truly unique/high-demand skill, being a diva is allowed: some soccer players are notoriously tricky, but when they score 30 goals a season, they’re a “misunderstood genius.” This rarely applies to the VO game. We don’t want to have clients to book pain-in-the-butt voices, so we don’t list them.

The voices on this site are talents we’ve worked with before without any problem and when a client chooses one for a project, we know we have a good session coming up!