Having been the Executive Producer in an Audio Production for more than 7 years, I was responsible for most areas of the business from project management to ensuring the office functions smoothly. I handled all incoming queries, client liaison, quotations, sourcing, talent searches, auditions, supervision of production and delivery. 

I am passionate and diligent in my work and find it gratifying to be able to interpret and communicate the needs of clients, by offering the best service and producing results of what they envision. I’ve work with clients from all over the world and I believe the key to successful communication & productivity is being culturally aware. 

I thrive on learning new things and always eager for new challenges. While I enjoy many aspects of my work; I am also very passionate about cooking & dining, culture, travel and reading. When I’m not working, I am dreaming of countries to go, places to eat and books to read next. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

With a neutral accent, I have also done voice over recordings for e-learning material, training, online videos, IVR, audio guides, TVCs etc.

To make an enquiry, please send a message via WhatsApp or email

  BIANCA KALLISTA   is listed for the convenience of Splice Studios clients for voice sessions scheduled via Splice
  Can do live direction via Skype