With a personal history rooted in travel, photography and the arts, Hanli represents the ‘modern Asian woman’. Holding firm to her values, Hanli has threaded her passions for holistic wellness, sustainability, and female empowerment throughout her work, as a content creator and through the types of brands she chooses to work with. 

Not least, her international upbringing has shaped her open view of the world, and has allowed her to represent many diverse voices and perspectives. Never shy about speaking her mind when it comes to things she cares about, Hanli has an undeniably strong reputation as one of South-east Asia’s most authentic media personalities.

This strong personality is what helped her elevate her career from its beginnings modeling for catwalks and shooting commercials and magazine covers, to become the presenter, host, emcee, podcaster and model she is today.

Hanli’s professional career began when she landed her first major role at MTV Asia, hosting many of its iconic shows, including the highly popular The MTV Show. On the radio waves, Hanli honed her skills as a host on the Singapore-based show, Hanging Out with Hanli on POWER98fm for two years. She is also recognised from her voice-over work in multiple commercials and documentaries. 

No stranger to live events, Hanli is also a seasoned emcee and event host, having commanded large audiences of over 30,000 to moderating more intimate private events. Large or small, Hanli has an unrivaled ability to engage with diverse audiences because of her highly social and relatable personality. 

Seeking to expand her skillset further, Hanli recently also entered the world of acting, landing main and supporting roles in locally produced Singapore dramas. 

Beyond working and partnering with brands that align with her values, Hanli sought to create something that definitively represented her views as a person of influence in Asia. Together with her co-host, she launched the popular podcast, Just So We’re Clear, which delves into topics surrounding modern womanhood and profiles trailblazing women. Through this, Hanli showcases her passions and values as she gives her take on what it means to be a modern Asian woman.

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