Over the years, Mervyn has been involved in Corporate Hosting, Television Production, Team Building, Theatre, and Film. Off camera, he’s also recognized as a celebrity host for over 200 trade events, road shows, Media launches and TV shows. Satisfied clients include BHP Billiton, Asia Pacific Breweries, CitiGroup, HSBC, Alstom, Volkswagen, Marina Bay Sands, Sennheiser, Sentosa, Nestle, Schneider Electric, Visa, National Geographic, Mediacorp, WDA.

A hit with families & kids, Mervyn has hosted Family Day Events and countless TV shows including the Gold Medal Winner (New York Festivals 2000) ‘The Big Q’ for Mediacorp’s OKTO.His fun, affable and warm personality has also led to him becoming an Ambassador for community projects, including CSR & CIP events. Establishments include BEYOND Social Services, Wave House Sentosa, Margaret Drive Rainbow Centre & Boshack Outback (Western Australia).

Work aside, Mervyn finds time to indulge in his passion. These include; playing Ukelele, waterskiing, scuba diving and tennis.

  MERVYN GOH ASIAN ENGLISH   is listed for the convenience of Splice Studios clients for voice sessions scheduled via Splice
  Can do live direction via Skype
  Can host events as master of ceremony