Best known for her “delightfully soulful voice”, Sarah is a multi-faceted singer-songwriter, host, voiceover artist and creative entrepreneur. She is an ex-Radio DJ on 938LIVE, having produced and presented radio programmes, commercial capsules, and Channel NewsAsia documentary, Asians of the Year. 

With a strong foundation in theatre and performance, Sarah takes direction easily. Her wide vocal range and places her uniquely as a coloratura mezzo-soprano, with a warm lower register and an agile high register. Sarah’s singing voice is heard 18 countries worldwide on the theme song of The Apartment (Nominated Asian TV Awards 2013 Best Theme Song). As an effectively bilingual artist, Sarah has released 3 commercial music albums including Let’s Pretend (2010), Brand New (2012, Warner Music Singapore) and full-length Mandarin album “看见 Kan Jian” (2018).

Commercially, Sarah is co-founder at Taizjo ( and Strategy Director for Relay Room’s diverse range of clients, delivering brand strategy and client servicing expertise, where she regularly translates client briefs into brand-led experiences across written, visual, digital, spatial and even audial touchpoints.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences with a double major in Psychology (Hon.) and Theatre Studies. 

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