Ariel is a specialist in both informative and commercial voiceover work. Some of her most recent projects include being the voice for Changi Airport’s innovative and newest Terminal 4, as well as Gardens by the Bay’s self-driving Auto Rider.

She’s been nicknamed by some as the “female J.A.R.V.I.S.” (the A.I. system in Marvel Universe’s Ironman) for the warm and soothing tones in her voice which has the ability to make people feel calm.

Her voice has also been described as ranging from being engaging to trustworthy, melodious, and persuasive.

The individual qualities of her voice and over 15 years of experience are the reasons why a detailed list of her clients span a myriad of sectors and industries.

She works with professional studios and out of her personal home studio.

Corporate narrations, Training modules, Television and radio commercials, Interactive voice response (IVR) systems, Book and documentary narrations.

Clients include:
Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay, iMDA, Singtel, Standard Chartered Bank, AmBank, Wearnes Automotive, Parkroyal Hotels & Resorts, W. Atelier, Attorney-General’s Chambers.

To make an enquiry, please send a message via WhatsApp or email.

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