A Girl. Multiple Languages. Endless Possibilities. 17 years of experience with over 20,000 scripts recorded globally.

Hello, I’m Evon and clients call me the Swiss Army Knife of Voice-Overs.

I’m quick, effective and versatile in my craft, and I serve my clients in 2 languages and then some (English & Mandarin, but also Cantonese and Singlish when the brief calls for it!), and across a wide range of styles, characters, and ages. When required, I record for jingles too.

As the imaging voice of HGTV Asia, cable channels, the national subway system, and supermarkets, my English voice over delivery is Mid-Atlantic, comfortable to audiences in Asia Pacific and welcomed on both sides of the pond.

My Mandarin voice over delivery is a neutral Mainland ‘big city’ accent (ie. devoid of strong regional Chinese accents, and thus popular with commercials or presentations that target major Chinese cities).

When I am not required to follow specific briefs, my natural speaking voice is warm, kind, friendly and soothing.

I’m friendly and professional, and I love building long term and meaningful working relationships.

I love my client portfolio in Singapore, but I also serve international clients: memorable ones include EU nations in their recent World Expo presentations, on-site announcements for Google events, T-Mall presentations, Goldman Sachs events, Equinix, casinos in South Africa and Curacao, just to name a few.

Have fun listening to the compilation clips for a sampling of the endless possibilities! And get in touch if you like and need what you hear.

My general turn around time? – studio quality audio files within 24 hours!

To make an enquiry, please send a message via WhatsApp or email.

  EVON LOH   is listed for the convenience of Splice Studios clients for voice sessions scheduled via Splice
  Remote direction is available