Joe had his start in the entertainment business when he was just 18 years old in Brunei on a Saturday afternoon as a guest DJ on RTB, Radio Television Brunei. He was subsequently invited to perform as numerous characters on RTB’s children’s radio show.

In 1988, Joe joined the Australian College of Entertainers to study acting, comedy, music, scriptwriting and of course radio. The following year he enrolled in the Melbourne Radio School and studied under Gary Mac.

In 1990, Joe was hired as a producer-presenter for SBC’s (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation) Perfect 10. Before he even got on the air, Joe was redeployed to a new radio station that was about to be launched. And on 1st April 1990, Joe hit the Singapore airwaves on Class 95 FM.

By 1992, Joe was presenting the morning show where he pioneered the style of traffic reporting that is still heard today. Joe also changed the way TV trailers were voiced, introducing a more emotional and dramatic style to what had been previously matter-of-fact announcements of shows to come.

In the years to come, Joe would welcome many co-hosts to the show, including Melissa Hyak, Vera Lim and Jessica Soo. In December 1996, radio veteran The Flying Dutchman joined Joe on the Morning Express on Class 95 FM. After a tentative start, the show evolved into what is still regarded by many as the best radio show Singapore has ever produced.

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