voiceovers.asia is a curated voice casting service provided by SPLiCE Studios Singapore. SPLiCE Studios will coordinate all bookings.

splicemcSPLiCE Studios caters to the audio needs of the broadcast, film, corporate and media industries; our award-winning team delivers on budget, on time. Since 2004, SPLiCE is known throughout Asia for its exceptional commitment to every project we undertake. All recordings in Singapore are done at SPLiCE Studios.

We use Neumann microphones, Universal Audio Unison preamps, and ProTools digital audio workstations for a warm, clean signal path. VO Sessions can be directed by clients directing via Zoom, MS Team, Google Meets, Skype or Phone, and we offer Riverside, Source Connect Now, ipDTL, and Session Link Pro for remote recording.


FYI The audio samples of voice talent on this website are for reference purposes only and not intended to be rebroadcast/resampled/uploaded/stored for any purpose other than selecting a voice for a project. The samples supplied by the talents are received in good faith on the basis that the copyright owners have agreed to this usage. If you are the copyright owner of any of the samples and feel that permission was not properly sought prior to their use on this site, please contact us so that we can remove the sample from this website.

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